Zeru Zeru Lodge offers to the guests the opportunity to eat at the “Zeru Zeru Restaurant” staying in the Lodge or barefoot on sand at “Pambazuka Restaurant” in Pingwe. Both solutions offer dishes prepared with local and fresh ingredients, cold drinks and the availability, on-demand, to prepare plates for special occasions or for different eating needs (vegetarians, celiac).

An unique experience with an Italian- Swahili taste, simply not to be missed!

The Italian Chef Mimmo proposes a menu that mixes the flavors of his country, with those of the island and his travel experiences (Mexican for example is one of his favorite cuisine!). Monica instead, Tanzanian of birth and adoption Zanzibarian, blends the flavors of the mainland with those of the spices’ island, to introduce our guests, typical dishes that go beyond the classic Seafood platter!

Zeru Zeru Restaurant

The restaurant is located on a panoramic and well-ventilated terrace, equipped with tables and chairs and relaxing space with sofas. From the large windows of the makuti roof, typical of the island, you can admire both dawn and sunset. Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Pambazuka Restaurant

The restaurant is located on the white Pingwe Beach, 800mt from the Lodge, accessible on foot or by bicycle (available to guests). The small room offers a breath-taking view of the Indian Ocean and the finest white sand, perfect for a lunch on the sea. Restaurant is open for lunch and on demand, for dinner.
Zeru Zeru’s guests, can enjoy some sun beds to relax lounged by the sea breeze.